Competition Management 1.5.0 Release Notes (May 14th, 2024)

Modified on Tue, 14 May 2024 at 06:24 PM

Release Name: Competition Management

Release Title: Competition Management Permissions Module Integration

Release Date: May 14th, 2024



Description: Competition Management is a platform of modularised services intended to provide sports organisations with everything they need to setup and manage the competitions within their sport.

The Competition Management System is made up of a suite of modules: Competitions, Rankings, Team Manager, and now Permissions.

The integration of the Permissions Module with the Competitions Module enhances our ability to regulate user access to different types of information within the system. Users are assigned specific roles within the organization, and based on these roles, access to various elements of the Competitions Module.

This granularity ensures that each user has precisely the access needed to perform their duties effectively without compromising the system’s integrity. 

The Permissions Module offers increased control and flexibility to organizations; this approach enables us to implement uniform permission roles applicable across all sports and organizations.



Real-World Examples


Competition Administrator: Full administrative authority over a specific organization, overseeing all aspects of competitions within that organization. 

  • In the case of competition admin, we usually just define an organization in which the user is an admin.

Season Administrator: Administrative control over specific seasons within the organization, managing all season-related activities and settings. 

  • For a season admin, in addition to sport and organization we define a list of season identifiers this user has admin rights.

Season Manager: Like Season Administrator allows administrative rights to manage specific seasons but the season itself is not manageable and some other administrative functions are not allowed. 

  • For a season manager, we have sport and organization, also we define season identifiers and season statuses in which a user could manage season-related resources.

Fixture Manager: Administration of fixtures-related resources within the specific season(s). 

  • In the case of fixture manager, we need to determine sport, organization, seasons, and fixture status in which fixture-related resources are editable for a user. 

Role Manager: Full administration in managing roles, specifically tasked with overseeing officials during specific seasons, the role is supposed to be defined with allowed roles to be manageable. A role manager is usually a person who handles DataCore roles for a season or fixtures. 

  • In the current example, we provide a list of Officials roles this user can manage. It is possible to create multiple role managers with different responsibilities, one will handle team staff, another season manager, and someone could work with officials.


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