In this article we will discuss how to use data filters within the Multi game view in the Synergy Sports Hockey Application. 

To customize a Multi game Shot Chart, use the filters located on the left-hand side of the application. Filters are dynamic and update the chart as they are selected.  Some filters contain additional sub-filters to refine your search even further. Charts will include only those shots which fit the filtered criteria and indicate the location of where each shot was taken on the ice.

  • The filters section can be collapsed or expanded by selecting the vertical grey filters bar.
  • Select the Apply button to create or update the chart.  
  • Select one or multiple values for each filter using the slider to view additional options. 
  • Use the Select All feature to activate all of the filters in a section or in the entire filter. 
  • Use the Reset option to clear the selections for an active filter.

Available Filters

Additional filters will be presented based on the Team selection, as well as varied by which view is active.  For Multi game View, the filters are as follows:

  • Team
  • Player
  • Game
  • Action
    • Giveaway
    • Takeaway
    • Penalty
    • Hit
    • Attempted Block
  • Strength
    • Even
    • Power Play (PP)
    • Penalty Kill (PK)
  • Score
  • Time
  • Shot Result
    • Goal
    • Shot on Goal
    • Blocked Shot
    • Missed Shot
  • Shot Type 
    • Wrist
    • Backhand
    • Snap
    • Deflected
    • Slap
    • Tip
    • Wrap Around
  • Assisted By
  • Linemates: On/Off Ice
  • Opponents: On/Off Ice 

Range Filters

The following filters are Range Filters and are utilized differently

  •  Time

To apply these filters, use the slider to manually adjust the range within which you want to display.