Foul on the Shot

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 08:10 PM

A foul on the shot that a player makes, otherwise known as the "and one" or "AND 1," play in a basketball game occurs when an offensive player takes and makes a shot while being fouled by a defender from the opposing team. 

If the player makes the basket and the game officials call a foul on the defender guarding them as the shot is being taken, the basket counts and the player gets to take a single free throw. 

To enter a foul on shot scenario functionality select the foul on the Shoutbox within the Select the Shot Type Screen after adding the made shot.


After you've selected the Shot Type click on OK to save it.

You'll then be asked to select the player for assist action or no assist option. Once you've done so, select the fouling player. 


Once the fouling player has been selected, you'll be directed to the free throws screen. Select whether the free throw was made or missed, and if applicable, if a timeout or technical foul occurred during the free throw. This screen will also allow you to adjust the player taking the shot if needed. 


Once you've specified the free throw type, player, and if any additional events occurred on the free throw, click Done to save the information. 


In the case that you do not choose the Foul on the Shot box when recording the Made Shot on a Foul statistic, only the basketball made will be registered.  The workaround to solve this is to add a personal foul for the defending player using the foul workflow and then assign a single free throw at the end.

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