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Training/Workout is a new practice workflow, that allows you a simple way to import video files without logging data. 

This is a tool to catalog video files, such as large scale defensive practice, side angle video, scouting video of a potential recruit, etc, to be easily accessed and viewed in the Synergy Softball app. This allows you to organize video files, with ability to group selected clips, assign players to groups, and assign predefined and/or custom labels to groups of video files.


Getting Started

To get started, select the Practice tab. This will display a list of all of your practice sessions. To create a new Training/Workout, select Add Practice, and select Training/Workout from the dropdown menu. 



Begin by selecting the League, Date, Team you would like the for your files, then click Apply.



Next, select the Add Video File(s) button, and select the video files you would like to add from your device. The selected video files will then be displayed in a list below with all of the video files information.



You can preview any file by clicking the play icon in it's row, and it will display on the video player in the left panel. The video player has buttons to jump forward or backwards by one frame (1f), five seconds (5s), or thirty seconds (30s). You can also turn audio on or off using the speaker icon, enter fullscreen, or pop out the video player to it's own window using the undock button.



To the right of the +30s button, the >> button allows you to skip to the next video file on the list. You can use this to scan through your video files to determine which files you would like to group together. For example, if you have added 17 video files, and the first 6 files are scouting video of one player, you may want to group those files together.


Grouping Files

To group video files together, select the desired files you would like to group by clicking the radio button to the left of the File Name, ensuring the blue dot is displayed for all the files you would like to group. Once the files are selected, click the Group Selected Clip(s) button above the table, then select New Group from the dropdown menu.


The new group will be created, displaying a list of the files selected below the original list, with a tab labeled Group 1.



You can now repeat the process with any remaining video files in the list above, creating as many groups as you desire. As you continue to group your files into new groups, if you come across a file that should have been added to a previous group, simply select the file, click the Group Selected Clip(s) button, and then select the group you would like to add it to from the dropdown menu.



You have the ability to add more video files to this group from you device by selecting the Add Video File(s) button within the group tab. You can also remove a file from the group by selecting the radio button for the unwanted file, then clicking the Ungroup Selected Clip(s) button. This will remove the file(s) from the group, and put it back with the ungrouped files listed above. If a grouped clip is in the wrong group, you can select the file, then click Move Selected Clip(s) button, and select the correct group, or create a new group from the dropdown menu.

You can also rearrange the order of the clips within a group by hovering over the file, clicking and dragging the six dot icon on the very left of row, next to the radio button.

NOTE: The order of the files at this stage, is the order they will be arranged for viewing in the Practice tab in the Baseball App.


Adding Identifying Information

Add Players

By clicking the Add Players button, the roster for the team you have selected in the left panel will display, and by checking the box next to their name(s), those players will now be associated with those video files. If the player you want to add is not on the displayed roster, you can use the Player Search field to add them to the team, and then select them from the list below.



Add Labels

By clicking the Add Label(s) button, you can add a whole host of Synergy created tag information that will be associated with your group of clips. The categories include Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Baserunning, Catching, as well as Custom Labels.


Custom labels are shared across your organization, meaning not only the custom labels you have created in the past, but any custom labels created by other users on you staff, will be listed below. You can create new custom labels by entering them in the field at the top of the labels menu, and clicking Add. Existing labels can be edited by selecting the pencil icon next to it, or deleted by clicking the X next to it.



Once you've added all of the players and labels you would like to identify the files in your group, they will be displayed in the fields at the bottom. If you would like to remove a player or label, you can simply click the grey X next to the unwanted information.




Now that your group has all your files, player and label information you want, select the files by clicking the radio button at the top of the list, ensuring the files in your group are selected with a blue dot. At the top of the page, click the Start button to begin the encode and upload of the video group.

You will see the progress displayed in the Encode and Upload columns within your group. Once the files have been successfully uploaded, a green checkmark will be displayed in the Upload column to the right. Repeat the process with all remaining groups.


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