In this article, we will discuss how to install the Video Express application, how to upload and download a game and how to reorder downloads. 


Synergy Video Express is a stand alone application used to upload game video files and play by play / box score charts to the Synergy servers for analysis and logging. In addition to uploading your game film and charts, you can also upload and save non-game files for storage or sharing among your team and staff (*Note: Non-Game uploads are ONLY visible to your team and/or staff. )



To get started, install the Video Express application from the link provided here:

Next, follow any on-screen prompts to complete the installation process. 



Quick Start Page

When first opening Video Express, you will be directed to the Quick Start Page, as seen below. From the quick start page, you can access all of the main features of Video Express. You can start an upload, start a download, send a film exchange invite, or continue on to the home screen. 

Quick Start Page.png



Use the Home Screen to initiate all uploads and downloads. Once initiated, it will display the upload/download progress for all games.

Home Screen - Use.png

Section 1: Uploads

Use to initiate an upload, track the progress of a current upload, or view completed uploads.

Progress Section - Headers

  • Game ID
  • Upload ID
  • Upload Start Date
  • Upload End Date
  • League
  • Game Date
  • Game
  • Rip Progress
  • Upload Progress
  • Upload Speed
  • Cancel/Remove


Progress Section - Buttons

The following buttons are located above the blue column headers in the upload progress section.

  • New Upload: Used to initiate a new upload.
  • Remove: Clears completed uploads from the upload progress section. Removing completed uploads will not remove the game files from Synergy's servers, it will only eliminate the entries for each from the table below to reduce the number of items listed.
  • Non-Game Uploads: Click here to upload Non-Games, such as practice film.
  • Settings (Gear): Additional options such as Sending a Film Exchange Invite, Copy Messages, Synergy Support, and Logout

Uploading a Game using Video Express

Follow the instructions in How to Upload a DVD to Synergy or How to Upload Computer Files to Synergy to upload a game.


Section 2: Downloads

Used to initiate a download, track the progress of a current download, or view completed downloads.

Progress Section - Headers

  • Download ID
  • Game ID
  • Upload ID
  • Download Start Date
  • Download End Date
  • League
  • Game Date
  • Game
  • Download Progress
  • Download Speed
  • Cancel/Remove


Progress Section - Buttons

  • New Download: Used to initiate a new download.
  • Remove: Clears completed downloads from the download progress section.


Downloading a Game Using Video Express

Follow the instructions in How to Download a Game from Video Express to download a game.


Download Order

If you have multiple games set to download, the games will be downloaded in the order in which they were selected. However, you may change the order of the downloads by selecting the "Download Order" button.


Once you click on the Download Order button, you will be able to drag and drop the specific games so that they are listed in the order in which you wish for them to download.