Tracking a Match: Confirm Later

Modified on Tue, 04 Jun 2024 at 02:49 AM

During a match, scouts are expected to capture live events/data with speed and accuracy; but there are times when the scout does not have or know all the information for event (For example, the scout does not know the person who scored a goal or person who committed 7-meter penalty).

Rather than enter incomplete or inaccurate information, scouts need an option to skip and event option and/or skip the all (entire) workflow once required events have been entered and sent. To address both situations we've created two options for scouts to add match information at a later time.

If the scouts cannot identify the player(s) involved, they capture the event without player names. The team statistics will be accurate, but the sum of events per player may not match the total number in the team statistics.

The correct player(s) will be added as soon as possible, using technical aids if available (e.g., live stream device). In exceptional cases where the correct player cannot be determined, the event will continue without a player name.

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