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In this article, we will discuss how to use the Single Game View in the Synergy Sports Baseball Application. 

Single Game View generates a detailed report of your filtered data from a specific game. It allows you to explore in detail individual games from throughout the season using robust filters, easy-to-use navigation, and essential tools to create informative, rich reports.


Getting Started

Access Single Game View by selecting the icon from the View menu in the upper right.

To get started, select a League, Season, and Team. You may also enter an opponent and select a game from a specific matchup, however, this field is not required. If you do not select an opponent, a list of all games for the selected season will populate and you can select a game from the list.



Using the Report

The Single Game View report contains a variety of details and data.  When getting started with your report, be sure to make your video playback choice from the top left of the application window. Choose to view clips either in the In-App Player by selecting Player, Editor, which will send selected clips to the Synergy Editor application, or Compare, which will allow you to view clips side-by-side in the In-App Player for comparison. For a more in-depth look at the exciting new Compare feature, check out the Baseball Application: Compare Video article. Whichever you choose, your video setting will remain the same for the session in all views until you change it. 



Located at the top left of the report are the details of the selected game, including the team names and date played. On the far left of the app window is an arrow icon that provides quick access to the collapsible Find Game menu. From here, you can quickly change any of the filters previously set, or select a new game.   



To the right is the Line Score. Here, each inning and the runs scored in that inning are displayed and used to navigate easily through your report data. Click one or multiple boxes to view the associated data. When selected, the box icon will be displayed as a light blue color, and the At-Bat data for that inning will be represented below on the charts and tables. To view all of the At-Bats for a team, select the radio button to the far right of the Line Score.



Continuing on to the next section, we can see the Strike Zone chart. This is where the pitch locations from the currently selected at-bat are visualized. This view defaults to the pitcher’s perspective but can be switched to the catcher’s perspective by using the Catcher’s View tab below the strike zone chart.  

To view the full game video, click the Play icon button below the Line Score. Choose to Display/Hide Pickoff Attempts using the associated radio button, as well as change the data view using the icons to the right. The At-Bat Summary is selected by default, but choose from Pitch List, Pitch Detail, or Sequential views as well. Click on any line in the report table to view the associated data, or click the Play button to view the clip in the In-App player, or send it to the Synergy Editor depending on the video selection you made at the top left of the application window.

Customize the report further with the Player/Innings filters. Select the arrow on the right side of the app window to expand the filters. Choose from either View by Player or View by Inning at the top and make your selections.  

At the bottom right of the app is a sequence of At-Bat displays for all at-bats that occurred during the inning(s) selected on the Line Score (all innings in light blue). You can select a specific at-bat by clicking the associated display, or scroll left or right using the arrow icons located at the bottom right corner.


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